I want to ask you a question. What is history? I have asked this questions so many times in class, and the answers have always fascinated me.

  • “It’s the story about what happened before.”
  • “It’s the past.”
  • “It’s what we read in books and we hear from teachers.”
  • “It’s what we are told about what went on a long time ago.”
  • “It’s what happened through the eyes of the winners.”

What would happen if we thought about history a little differently? What if, instead, we looked at history as His story? Think about that. History as we normally think of it exists only in the past. His story includes the past, the present, and the future. God’s story began before the creation of the world, it is being written now in the present, and many chapters will be penned in the future.

What’s more, we are a part of His story. We rarely think of ourselves as being part of history, yet we are certainly part of His story. And not just some footnote or stuffed into the appendix. We have our own chapter in His story.
It’s critical that we understand our story in light of His story. Understanding how God has written His story into yours, in all the ways that happens, enable you to be more intentional about sharing His story with others.

We help you discover your story at His Story Coaching and Counseling. We exist to be a place where your story is heard, and His story is revealed!