a candidate has the calling, gifts, skills and character ?to do the work they are applying for.


We assess potential church elder or staff candidates to clarify? and verify whether or not

“There is more to developing a strong and effective staff than hiring well; but if you don’t hire well, you are in trouble from the start.”

We help individuals, churches, and groups take the important steps to understanding the unique strengths and opportunities they have through a process of assessment we call Experience Assessment™. Through Experience Assessment™, we assess potential staff candidates to clarify and verify whether or not a candidate has the calling, gifts, skills and character to do the work they are seeking.

Why Should We Assess?

  • Because you need the right person right now!
  • Assessment has demonstrated a dramatic improvement in successful hiring across a variety of disciplines.
  • The mission and momentum of your organization cannot afford the cost of miss-hiring.
  • Costs, timelines and travel are substantially reduced through online testing, clinical interviews and team conferencing.

We Assess for Success

  • Alignment of gifts and ability.
  • Personality characteristics.
  • Marriage and family system health.
  • Psychological health.

We Value…

  • Research-based evaluation of a candidate’s qualifications
  • Multiple, objective perspectives of a candidate
  • Trained assessors using clinical and behavioral interviews, proven inventories, and references
  • Insight, expertise and leadership to help churches grow and multiply
  • A confidential and affirming process that provides clear recommendations relative to the hiring of prospective candidates

At His Story, our trained assessors use clinical and behavioral interviews, proven inventories, 
and references to prayerfully evaluate candidates. We utilize research-based tools and rely on multiple perspectives.

Our assessment process is not a critique or judgment of a candidate’s suitability for all ministry
 opportunities. Assessment is intended only to determine potential staff for the role
 for which they have applied. Assessment is a predictor, but not a guarantee, of future leadership success.

Our process includes:

Candidates will complete online testing, including:

  • DISC (personality profile)
  • MBTI (personality profile)
  • CPI 260 (leadership profile)
  • 16pf (marriage profile)
  • other testing available as requested

Candidates will complete a self-assessment of leadership & ministry experience.

Our staff will complete a 360 review of the candidates personal, peer & professional references.

Our team reviews and recommendations drawn from testing, clinical & behavioral interviews and references. As a cost saving measure, clinical interviews are conducted on the internet via web conferencing.
We provide feedback on the results of our assessment to the candidate and the sponsoring organization. 
Initial feedback is provided via web-conferencing and is followed by a thorough written report of the
 candidate’s strengths and growth areas. We offer insight and expertise that will help ensure that growth in your organization is effective and sustainable.
 All information is held in strictest confidence.

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