Look in the Mirror

Many people spend their life looking out the window. They peer through the curtain, focused on the outside. What’s outside their heart, their mind, and their thoughts. These people focus on problems and look to blame others for their struggles. They think things like: “I didn’t get the promotion because my boss is mean;” “I can’t go to church because there are too many hypocrites there;” or “My neighbors are always making too much noise, that’s why I never get a good nights sleep. “ All these thoughts are externally focused and lead to emotions like anger, anxiety and feeling out of control.

The truth is people who are always looking out the window can’t ever be truly happy, because they have given away all their power. They stare out the window, paralyzed, fixating on all that is wrong with everyone and every situation in their life. Change and happiness are possible, but they require a different point of view. Instead of looking out the window, we need to look in the mirror. When we are struggling with anger, anxiety and feeling out of control, usually it is because we need to deal with ourselves. We need to peer into own heart, mind and thoughts and pay attention. The real power to change, lies within dealing with yourself. If you are tired of feeling stuck, try looking in the mirror today. You may find the answers, you have been looking for. It might be painful at first, but spending time understanding your emotions and dealing with your own thoughts and motives will eventually lead to feeling better. One of the best ways we can “look in the mirror” is by walking with a counselor or coach. If you are ready to create some change in your life, please call us today.