Chip Dickens

Chip Dickens – Assesment Team

Seeing evidence of God’s work in people’s lives is Dr. Chip Dickens’ “favorite thing in life.” Chip’s interest in the things of God continues to grow.
Chip went to college at Texas Wesleyan University, where he played basketball. He also met his wife, Rebecca, there. In his childhood years, he had learned how not to do family life, but Rebecca’s family modeled for him how to love each other as a family.

As he grew in his faith, Chip felt confirmed and called to ministry. Chip and Rebecca were married in 1991 and both began graduate school, Chip in counseling at Southern Methodist University and Rebecca in mathematics at Texas Women’s University. At SMU, Chip was often the token Christian in his classes and was regularly called on to defend his faith.
When he started the program, he expected to end up in a private counseling practice, but once he started teaching he fell in love with it. After finishing his master’s and doctorate, he began looking into schools across the U.S. He was called to teach at Biola University and the experience helped him grow professionally and personally as he lived, served, and ministered with people who had been his heroes. He also did a lot of traveling during this time—teaching in Hong Kong, Austria, and Sri Lanka.

He is currently the chair of the Biblical Counseling program at Dallas Theological Seminary.