Lorie A. Ammon

Lorie A. Ammon, M.A., LPC-intern

Lorie Ammon is a fifty-something wife and mother with a spectrum of life experiences that would bore and awe you. Her graduation from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters degree of Biblical Counseling in 2012 was a fulfillment of one long-standing desire. From her earliest memories, and throughout her years as a working mother to five children, she aspired to work with individuals vexed by emotional struggles whether it came from loss or harm. She retained this passion during the years dedicated to rearing a family, and managing a family-owned technology business.

Graduating from Forest Hills Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan with an above average collection of bumps and bruises, Lorie enrolled in Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Having a lack of direction in education caused a distraction significant enough to result in her best decision – to date – and that was to marry Matthew Bryan Ammon. Since this merger, five of the most unique and talented persons, her children, were formed. They are all adults today and pursuing their marks in “His story”.

Since marriage brought her to Dallas, she continued studies at the University of Dallas in economics, University of Texas at Dallas in Psychology and finished her extensive undergraduate education at Dallas Christian College with a B.S. in Business Administration in 1999. In the between seasons of education, Lorie Ammon was involved in business management and many lay counseling opportunities in the local church. She has led training on conflict resolution, marriage development, and parenting. Ms. Ammon has dedicated hours to coming alongside others with acceptance and faith advocating their incredible value and worth in the larger story of life.

In the early years of her thirty year marriage, an unexpected spiritual birth occurred when the couple agreed to read the Bible. This decision brought about a dramatic change in the way Lorie understood her story and embraced the loving invitation of the Creator God to conform her to the image of His Son through His finished work on the cross. The one value that has guided her life is trusting her story has already been written on the pages of “His story”. This value empowers Ms. Ammon’s fierce commitment to enable her clients to discover their powerful story.

Lorie A. Ammon is the woman she is because of her struggles, and failures, not in spite of them. God took a completely lost, angry, fearful fighter and made her, by His redeeming power and love, into a confident, joyful, purposeful woman who is excited about His plans for her future.

Lorie A. Ammon, LPC-Intern
Under the supervision of
Dr. J. Lee Jagers, PhD, ThM, LPC-S
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