Tom McSpadden

Tom McSpadden, MA – LPC Intern

Tom McSpadden is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern who addresses a variety of adult, adolescent and family mental health issues. Tom graduated with high distinction from Liberty University with a MA in Professional Counseling. He incorporates experience gained from working with individuals addressing common life stressors to more problematic disorders he encounters working with patients in a psychiatric hospital environment.  For individuals who work in the aviation industry, he offers additional insight gained during 38 years as a military and airline pilot. In addition to understanding the unique environment and demands of a professional pilot, Tom has extensive experience working with aviators as the former chairman of a program at a major airline union that addresses the mental health needs of pilots and their family members. As a committee member and sub-committee chairman of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Pilot Fitness Aviation Rulemaking Committee, he also gained key insights into the mental health needs of pilots and the interactions between the FAA, medical community and crewmembers.

Tom’s counseling approach is based on building a trusting and collaborative relationship with the client. He believes in addressing issues in a present-centered and problem-oriented method that focuses on restructuring distorted beliefs, improving problem-solving strategies and altering undesirable behavior.

Tom is married to his beautiful wife of 37 years and together they have three grown children and one granddaughter. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, gaining insight into other cultures, studying the Spanish language and spending time with his family.


Tom McSpadden, LPC intern

Under the supervision of

Dr. Robert Gilliam

3530 Grande Bulevar, Irving, TX 75062