The Greatest Gift


Christmas is almost here. As you read, many of you are anticipating what you will open on Christmas morning, hoping at least one of the gifts from your list will be there.  Some of you are awaiting the grinning faces of your children opening gifts that you dutifully and joyfully purchased and wrapped.   While others know there will be no gifts under the tree this year, or maybe no tree at all.

The truth is none of this matters.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe that Christmas matters, but the gifts don’t.  The gifts that can come under a tree, are only things.  You can have all the things in the world or no things at all and be empty.  Whether you are rich or poor, you have a family to celebrate with or no family at all, and no matter how many gifts you will give or receive.  I want you to consider this simple truth.  The greatest gift has already been given. It is the person of Jesus.   Who, in all of his majesty and glory was born from a virgin’s womb, sent to the Earth by God the Father to live, die, and resurrect to save us all.  That is the greatest gift of Christmas.

This Christmas, I want you to focus on this great gift, Jesus.   Have you received this gift?   Does your life show the evidence of having received this gift?   How can you share this gift with someone else this Christmas?  Let Jesus change everything this Christmas.  Let him quiet your mind, fill your heart and be fully present with him in this moment. The greatest gift will fill you with joy in spite of your Christmas circumstances.   Soak up the joy of Jesus and salvation this year. Merry Christmas!